3D Printing Training Course

Learn the methods and techniques demonstrated in this course to design, model and export your own unique 3D models for 3D printing under 3D Printing online training course.

  • 5000
  • 8000
  • Course Includes
  • Live Class Practical Oriented Training
  • 30 + Hrs Instructor LED Training
  • 20 + Hrs Practical Exercise
  • 15 + Hrs Project Work & Assignment
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Dedicated Student Success Mentor
  • Certification & Job Assistance
  • Free Access to Workshop & Webinar
  • No Cost EMI Option

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What you will learn

  • Understand the design aspects of the 3D printable file.
  • Know the process of consumer-level 3D printer.
  • Be able to understand the FDM methodology.
  • Know about 3D printing case studies.
  • Be aware of materials available for consumer 3D printing.


  • A basic understanding of computers


|| About 3D Printing Training Course

3D Printing online training course is designed for practical learning and will walk you step by step through the process of creating 3D models for and exporting them for 3D printing. When you complete this course you will be able to use as the complete design and creation package. 3D printing refers to the manufacturing process that additively forms or creates a physical object from a digital design. There are various 3D printing technologies and materials, and all are based on the same principle that, a digital model is reshaped to the solid three-dimensional object by adding layer after the layer.


Learn the basic concepts, discover the amazing tools and efficient processes to design 3D models . This course is a practical approach and will allow you to develop the skills of 3D modelling while also seeing the result of our progress in real time. Learn the process of manipulating to get the results you require and solve any tasks quickly and easily. The course takes you step by step through the process of modelling, checking for flaws, and exporting for 3D printing.

Course Content