30th June 2023


What is HR Analytics? HR analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing Human Resource (HR) data in order to improve an organization’s workforce performance. The process can also be referred to as talent analytics, people analytics, or even workforce analytics.People run businesses and HR has always been about people. Given the ...

10th June 2023

Data Analytics can be a great career choice for B.Com Graduates

Graduates in commerce and business have a unique approach towards analytics because of their strong quantitative skills and understanding of business operations. Consequently, finance professionals with skills in data analysis are considered highly competitive in the industry. An additional certification in Data Analytics can th...

21st January 2023

What are some Essential skills that a Mechanical Engineer Studying in Abroad University?

Studying mechanical engineering in the Abroad is an ideal choice for international students. You will not only study in the environment with the most advanced science and modern facilities but also have the opportunity to work overseas. In addition, the mechanical engineering industry in the Abroad Universities provides a good remuneration with hig...

22nd November 2022

A Complete Road Map for Data Science…

What is Data Science?    Data science at its most basic level is defined as using data to obtain insights and information that provide some level of value. Data science is evolving fast and has a wide range of possibilities surrounding it and so to limit it by that basic definition is kind of elementary. An extension of the that defini...

15th November 2022

Step-by-Step Machine Learning Roadmap!! Learn Machine Learning with Professional Certification Training

Are you looking for the Top Advanced Machine Learning Courses? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, you will find the Top 10 Best Advanced Machine Learning Courses. To gain Machine Learning skills, there are numerous courses available. But I have filtered these courses on the following criteria- Crit...