12th April 2024

Confused about Choosing between Business Analysis & Data Analysis

Learn the key difference between Business Analysis Data analysis & and explore new career opportunities. We have an Exiting topic for Today, in this Blog we will compare to most demanding popular job roles in the field of information Technology, which is Business Analyst Vs Data Analyst. We will understand differences between Business analys...

6th April 2024

"From Front End to Back End: Embracing the Versatility of Full Stack Development."

WHAT IS FULL STACK DEVELOPMENT? The term "full stack development" describes the front end and back end of an application's software development process from start to finish. The user interface is part of the front end, whereas application operations and business logic are handled by the back end.   The term "ful...

20th February 2024

What Is SP3D and Why You Should Use It?

Introduction Smart Plant 3D Design, in short, SP3D, is a popular piping design software. This software designs various engineering projects in power plants, manufacturing, petrochemicals, oil and gas, etc. SP3D optimizes pipelines and plantation designing for petrochemical setups, power plants, the oil and gas industry, water refineries, food in...

16th February 2024

Machine Learning: Unleashing Its Potential: A Comprehensive guide to Machine Learning in India: 2024 - 2025

The World Economic Forum states that AI and ML specialists are one of the most emerging jobs in India. There has been a threefold increase in the demand for Machine Learning specialists in India as well. Owing to this, companies in India are not shying away from increasing machine-learning expert salary packages.  It is said that if we...

5th February 2024

Better Together : Seven benefits Excel users will get from using Power BI

One of the most widely used programs worldwide is Excel. It is used by millions of people and companies for a wide range of tasks, from basic accounting and data entry to more complex statistical and data analytics. But what many people don't know is that when Excel is combined with Power BI, another Microsoft tool, users may significantly expa...